the mini monet


Kieron Williamson is one bad-ass little kid! dubbed “Mini-Monet,” Kieron is 9 years old, and has already bought his parents a house. yes, a HOUSE.  born in England in 2002, Kieron started drawing while on a vacation with his family in 2008. after taking lessons and art classes near his home, he began to realize he was actually quite good at it, and advertised his talent by offering pet portraits in exchange for a fee!

his very first exhibition in Norfolk, featuring 33 of his paintings, sold out in 30 minutes…. raking in a grand total of $240,000.  not bad! people were lining up the night before and had traveled from all over the world just to see this kid’s stuff. pretty insane.  cognitively, it really is amazing what this kid can see and translate onto paper.  the way he using shading and perspective is incredible for a 9 year old.

i wonder what it must be like for his parents, as i am sure they receive criticism from the public.  on Kieron’s website, his parents write, “A lot of people also think that money is the motivating factor, they are surprised when we explain the global opportunities that we have turned down, the fact that Kieron has painted in excess of 1000 paintings and that we have only sold just over 100. People see what they want to see, irrespective of whether it is accurate or not. “

at the end of the day, it’s Keiron’s decision on how he wants to live his life.  if we wants to make $240,000 at the age of 9 and buy a house, why would his parents stop him? he’s making an investment people! not spending it on normal little kid stuff like toys and pounds upon pounds of candy (like i probably would have done if i had $240,000 at that age). what do you think about Keiron or the industry of child artists in general?

– smiley


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