crazy hotel: propeller island city lodge


Propeller Island City Lodge, located in berlin, is less a hotel and more of a work of art.  coming straight from the brain of German artist Lars Stroschen, this 30 room hotel is designed to alter your perception of reality. each room is entirely individual and unique, with custom made furniture and a completely original design.

the Flying Bed Room has slanted eggplant-colored floors with a bed that appears to fly…

the Mirror Room is diamond shape and completely covered in mirrors.  it’s meant to give you the impression that your living in a kaleidoscope.

the Wrapped Room is shaped like a tube and supposed to make you feel like you’re in a mine… interesting choice for a hotel room! it fits three people in the three, terraced beds in a straight line.

if you thought the last room was odd… this one is based off a literal prison cell, complete with the toilet in the room! in order to make this room just a little more enticing, the Freedom Room boasts a balcony with a beautiful view. i would have to pass on this one.

the Speicher Room was constructed with age old rafters from a house.  a hidden ladder brings you to the bed above the giant pillow fort made of potato sacks filled with rubber.

created entirely from square wooden plates, the Symbol Room is made of black and white symbols.  there are 300 in total, kinda gives me a headache but i like the concept.

staying this hotel would definitely be an interesting experience – very surreal but you upon entering this hotel, you should be prepared for a very different kind of ‘hotel’ experience.  probably not the most comfortable, but that’s what you’re sacrificing to stay here!

– smiley


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