5 ways to deal with used wrapping paper


as this holiday season comes to a close, every one has tons of used, ripped or torn wrapping paper that they don’t know what to do with.  instead of just trashing it – here are five alternatives to consider (via  over at inhabitat)

1) the obvious answer: recycle it!

2) paper mache! all you need for this is used paper, flour, and water.  a great DIY activity and you can make some cool pieces.  (a good kid’s birthday activity too!)

3) cut the paper into a small slices and use it at the bottom of your pet’s bed.  perfect for bunnies or guinea pigs, hamsters (all those little ones), etc.  also great for new puppy pens if you’ve run out of newspaper!

4) stuffing for packages and parcels.  use your old wrapping paper to fill boxes so the inside contents are safe and insulated!

5) compost it! check out a previous mr. kate post on composting here.   apparently, the worms love the used wrapping paper. who knew!

 hopefully these five tips help you have a more eco-friendly holiday season! 



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