shit fashion girls say


haa! i don’t know if you all have been privy to these “shit (fill in the blank) girls say” videos. there are so many variations of them and this “Shit Fashion Girls Say” is my favorite so far. if you want to catch up on your gawfawing, check out some others below.

P.S. as funny as these are, we chicks need to come up with a response video on “shit guys say”… if that exists already, please hip me to it!

i’m guessing these are the original Shit Girls Say. so funny! and i’m definitely a perpetrator of many of those phrases… especially “can you check in my purse?” …and “i’m just like…”

i was recently told about this video when i used the word “ghetto” in a sentence describing fake tanner logos… yes, i was serious. i’m also guilty of using “girlfriend” freely, however, i don’t ever utter “not to sound racist…”nor have i ever stated that someone’s hair “feels like a brillo pad”!!!

what do you all think of these videos?


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