a bald barbie doll?


 some of you may already have heard of this new movement, but for those of you that haven’t… it’s worth the read. Mattel – the company behind Barbie – has been under pressure to mass produce a bald barbie doll for girls who suffer from cancer or hair loss in general.  the movement has spread far and wide and the Facebook page has over 115,000 likes so far.  i think it is an amazing idea and truly hope that Mattel makes it happen.

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last year, Mattel made a single bald barbie doll for a four-year old girl with cancer who lost her all her hair during chemotherapy.  now people are pushing for this special doll to be a widely available product. the backers of the movement believe that this barbie will not only boost the self esteem of children without hair, but also help the people around them to be more accepting.
little girls already face a great deal of pressure to look a certain way and this will show them that bald can be beautiful too! it still is a very controversial proposal, as many people aren’t in favor of a bald barbie.  one woman believes that by focusing on the hair loss, it distracts attention from the real suffering that cancer patients go through.  i think that it’s subjective – who are we to say what will help or not help?


what’s your feeling on this bald Barbie Doll issue?


top photo: verylegalmuffin via flickr


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