embroidered photographs


oh my god this is AWESOME.  Italian artist Maurizio Anzeri blends the past with the future in a group exhibition currently going on in Italy. Maurizio collects vintage photographs and embroiders directly onto them. if you’re good at embroidery, this could be DIYable!

using different colored threads, he traces the portraits and makes amazing geometric patterns and crazy designs.  for some reason, vintage photographs and portraits feel a little creepy, even if they’re not – and sewing directly on them adds another level of intrigue.  he started out by collecting vintage photographs, which is something I love to do also. check out this earlier post of my collection of vintage photos.

he states, “I see portraits as landscapes. And I explore them in order to layer them with my own maps of orientation. I have always been fascinated by Darwin’s ideas of evolution. With my embroidery I invent other possible evolutionary dimension for the people pictured. I re-invent them and enmesh them into new forms of visual kinship, another way to capture reality.”

he calls this work “photo-sculpture” – because he transforms the two-dimensional photos into colorful, three-dimensional pieces.  his work is especially interesting because the threads cover up the actual image. we don’t really know what that person looks like, and we only have bits and pieces of their faces to try and see what they really look like.


all photographs belong to: maurizio anzeri

– smiley


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