richard mosse & the congo


Richard Mosse is a photographer that understands colors. Mosse traveled to the war-torn Congo to shoot a narrative project on the people who live in this difficult environment.  the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been at war for many years, and there are no clear “villians” and “good guys.”  normally, every piece of work shot in the Congo has to do with the horrible, tragic stories that occur here, but Richard Mosse has attempted something else.  he brings extraordinary color to the beautiful landscape in a very unique method.

Mosse uses discontinued Kodak infrared film, and the colors come out brilliantly.  this special kind of film was developed by the US military in the 1940s, to detect camouflage.  it reveals colors and patterns that the human eye cannot see on it’s own.  the people in his photographs belong to the National Congress for the Defence of the People.  

there is really no way to bring levity to the situation that confronts the people of the Congo, however it is going on and we should be aware. Richard Mosse’s photographs are undeniably beautiful, and they do an amazing job of bringing awareness about this war-stricken place. even before i knew anything about these photos, i was intrigued and wanted to know more.  you can see more of his amazing photography here.

all photos belong to Richard Mosse


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