DIYable: stuffed animal skin rugs


Agustina Woodgate is an artist seeking to create exchanges between people, rather than between objects – she explores the physical connections we have towards objects, and these rugs definitely fit that.  Agustina hand-sews and designs these rugs made from recycled stuffed animal skins.  they’re huge, 16 ft x 9.5 ft (and probably very soft.)

the process starts when the loved stuffed animal discarded, given away  or lost from it’s owner. at this point, the stuffed animal has moved on from it’s original intended purpose.  this is where Agustina steps in, and rescues them, so-to-speak.

each stuffed animal in this rug has a completely different history and story, and when sewn together the stories merge and blend.  in many cultures, rugs tell a lot about history – in the ways they are woven, what pattern, etc.  Agustina seeks to trace different histories and bring them together in these awesome rugs. i still have my most prized stuffed animals from my childhood, but i do wonder where all my second tier animals ended up!

Augustina’s work is large-scale, impressive, art pieces – but we deem this DIYable for your home decoration projects!

  • just collect up some stuffed animals
  • take them a-part keeping the “skin” in tact as much as possible.
  • sew them together, like you would a patchwork quilt
  • sew a backing of a rug liner or canvas on to cover up the stitching and make it weighted.
  • cut a rubber rug liner to size and voila!

All images belong to the artist, Agustina Woodgate


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