the lollipop house


behold- the lollipop house! a home for a single family designed by moon hoon.  the lollipop house is not easy to miss as it’s pink and white stripes make it quite eye-catching.

the inside is hardly as crazy as the exterior but it’s still a little whacky.  the entire house is centered around a staircase that wraps around the walls.  within the house there is a living room, kitchen area, dining room, master bedroom, kid’s bedroom and study.

the home is located in south korea and is not constructed out of concrete, but made out of timber – which decreases the time & money that it would normally take to make.   according to moon hoon, when you make a house out of wood instead of concrete – the building is much easier to demolish AND you can recycle the materials.

the lollipop house is also equip with heated floors, which only requires a small amount of energy. again – wood structures allow for more insulation than concrete, meaning the energy bills will be less expensive.

makes me want candy just looking at it….

These pictures do a pretty good job of depicting the awkwardness of it’s location, but I guess sometimes it’s fun to be the eccentric one on the block.

What do you think? Would you live in the lollipop house?

images © namgoong sun


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