mr. kate quickie: new thrifted dresser


this is pretty self-explanatory! we needed this new dresser, for our room had become cluttered because of lack of storage. you know, things piling up on top of surfaces because they don’t have a home! very un- zen for a bedroom!

$60 is a pretty darn good price for a thrifted dresser here in LA. usually solid wood dressers, in good condition (this one is except for the one broken handle that can be fixed easily) cost anywhere from $100 to $150 at the flea markets and thrift stores, so i was pretty stoked to get this one for $60!

the vintage letterpress boxes are so so great. Joey found them a while ago at a garage sale for super cheap. i love that they have writing in some of the sections – it reveals some history of the piece! they add great height to the dresser where otherwise i’d need to hang art or something, so the wall didn’t look too bare. i love simplicity in bedroom designs – it’s where you dream!

the grouping of three things on the dresser makes it look ‘decorated.’ have i talked about the rule of odd numbers before? anyways, odd numbers always look more organic then even – so make a grouping of three things, etc. or even one thing like i did on the other dresser with the sunglasses display case….more on those special glasses later.


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