i’ve been shopped! …photoshopped!


my reps needed a headshot type photo of me to send around for different things. in the absence of any recent professional photos of me, Joey set out to edit one from my blog to look more “pro.” Joey is pretty good at Photoshop but he usually does website design and not re-touching on people, so he decided to experiment and see what he could do to the photo…

i usually edit my own photos for the blog by futzing with the colors or putting them through a filter and once in a while, removing an obvious zit, or a rogue cat hair. but i’ve never photoshopped any photos to the extend that they do in magazines. i don’t know how to! thus, it was fascinating to see Joey use the ‘liquify‘ tool and make my side-burns go away. he even narrowed my chin in one version (which they supposedly do all the time in pro re-touching) but it didn’t look like me anymore! i didn’t like the photo too cleaned up, and had him change some things back to the ‘flawed’ version, because i like my sideburns and the scar in my hairline and my big jaw!…call me crazy, but i looked like a creep without them!

this is the original photo, no editing at all.

this is me overly photoshopped with a thinner chin, no sideburns and my hairline scar removed.

and this is the one we decided on – my skin is smoother, no under-eye bags, my eyes are brighter but i still have my side-burns and scar. after a while, Joey started messing around with the liquify tool and this is what happened…

perrrfect! i’m ready for my cover shot!

but seriously, the whole Photoshopping phenomenon is rampant, as i’m sure many of you know – check out this great video on the subject. it’s really frustrating how much more women, than men, get photoshopped to unrealistic levels. but what’s really deceiving about re-touching, is that you never know what the original photo looked like! it’s hard to imagine that people aren’t actually that perfect, when you have nothing to compare to. i looked online for some before and after photoshopped celebrity pics, and it’s pretty shocking. there is one bare butt photo below, but that’s just because i was comforted at the sight of the original photo, since my own butt looks a lot more like the non-photoshopped one!…

what do you all think of this madness?

before and after photos via here.


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