wishing trees


in the UK, the practice of hammering coins into trees dates back to the 1700s.  people used to (and apparently still do) jam pennies and coins into the bark of the tree in order to bring them good luck.  according to the legend, if a person is ill, they can fill the trunk with coins so that the tree will take away the illness.  however, it works the other way too, so that if you take a coin out – you will become ill.

you can’t do this with just any old type of tree – it must be beech or holly, so the trunk is tough enough to hold the coins in.  it used to be believed that “divine spirits” lived in the trees, so people would leave gifts at the base (Christmas tradition, anyone?).

i think the trees look absolutely amazing with the coins hammered in – and its incredible to think how many people believed in this tradition to partake… not sure how the trees feel about it though.

read more about it in the DailyMail article here.

photos via Alamy @ Daily mail 


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