the best cell phone photo editing apps


i get a lot of questions from you wonderful people asking what are my favorite photo apps for my phone? i love posting photos on Instagram and such (follow me @mrkatedotcom) but i don’t always use Instagram to edit them! here is a guide to my favorite iPhone photo apps but don’t fret, i know a lot of them are available for android and other devices as well!…

PhotoWonder is my newest obsession. there is the option to do “better skin” which basically softens the focus and gives it a dreamy look. there are also accessories and props you can use (hats, glasses, mustaches, etc.), a snow and sparkle filter as well as color filters. it also has the option to remove pimples (yay), slim and make your eyes bigger… kinda freakish.

LensLight is strictly for photo lens flares, you’ll have to adjust color before or after in another app but LensLight is perfect for adding fun orbs, sparkles, hearts, etc!

PicFrame allows you to create diptychs out of multiple photos. Diptic is another great option. i like to use this app to compare two photos, demonstrate how two photos relate to each other or create outfit of the day (ootd) composites for my Pose profile!

Camera+ is great for editing the lighting in photos if a photo is too dark. there are lots of options to lighten and create more contrast etc. it also has a ton of photo filters and i love that you’re able to adjust the intensity of the filter. it also has cool borders and a very easy cropping tool so you can crop square and it’s ready for posting to Instagram!

Infinicam is like Hipstamatic on steroids. it’s more of an artsy experience where you sort of roll the dice (or flick to the side) and see what filter strikes your fancy. there are so many filter options (like, to infinity – hee hee) that it can be hard to choose. however, there is the option to store filters for future use, if you want – but i don’t do that. it’s fun to just be surprised at what “works”.

i can’t make a photo app post without including Instagram! no matter what photo app i use to edit my photos, i only ever share them via Instagram. i love to see what other people post and how they see the world and what they choose to visually chronicle – i go to Instagram before Twitter now to see what people are up to. the filters are solid and the easiest to use if you want to post a quick photo with a little spruced up look.

if you want, follow me @mrkatedotcom !

and lastly, the wildcard: Cinemagram enables you to create cinemagraphs – which are all the rage these days, basically moving photos (see pro ones here). it is time-consuming and limiting to try and create a cinemagram because you have to get it just right where only one part of the photography subject, scene, etc. moves. but the result is rad! the other thing that is the biggest annoyance is you can only post your cinemagrams to the Cinemagram stream and it’s a bitch to try and grab them for your blog – you have to get all html-y and shizz. but they’re still fun for a party trick! see more of my cinemagrams here!

hope that was helpful! let me know if you have any questions!


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