DIYable design: magazine pages on canvas


you know how magazine pages often have the most beautiful images but when you tear them out to hang on your wall, they look kind of lame and limp? that’s because they’re just pieces of flimsy paper with one torn edge! and that’s why i think this idea is the perfect solution to use magazine pages as art! it substantiates the pages to put them on a canvas and collage them like a collective piece of art!


get a big canvas from the art store (one the size in the photo above is probably around $35). paint the outer edges of your canvas black or dark brown, to make it look framed. then cut the torn edge off your magazine pages (if you want it to look like the image above, use monochromatic images in black, white and sepia tones) and use a glue stick or regular white glue or modge podge to adhere the pages to the canvas. what’s great is if you get sick of the photos, just glue different pages over the existing ones and have a constantly evolving piece of art!

photo via photo by hannah lemholt


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