DIY whiteboard wall – write on your walls!


a few months ago we painted a large wall in the Mr. Kate office with whiteboard paint… otherwise known as “dry erase” or “idea paint” and it’s given us the ability to write our ideas, dreams, do-it lists, and random spewings on the wall!!!

it’s a great idea for a kid’s room too! just make sure they know which walls to draw on ; )

my cartoon sketch of myself, plus some very productive commentary

Joey’s 3 year old nephew Jonah came over and did an art installment

my cartoon of Joey, which turned out better than the one i drew of myself…he’s so annoying, i mean awesome!

and again, some more very productive work commentary… i really hope that is NOT a booger because i did not flick it there!

DIY Whiteboard aka Dry Erase Paint Walls

Prep It:

  • Whiteboard paint from a home improvement store or online – we used this Dry Erase paint by Rustoleum. i’d say use one quart per average sized wall. you may need more if you want to do two coats which is ideal.
  • paint rollers, trays, drop cloth and paint brush
  • light grit sand paper
  • damp rag
  • painter’s tape


  1. lay your drop cloth down and tape off your wall area with painter’s tape
  2. sand your walls where you see any rough spots and use your damp cloth to clean the walls and let dry
  3. use your roller and your paint tray to roll on a nice coat of the dry erase paint and let dry. use your paintbrush for edges and corners.
  4. to get a very slick, write-able finish, sand your first coat with a light sanding using your light grit sandpaper and wipe clean with your rag. then paint a second coat.
  5. let your paint dry for two days before you start writing on it to ensure proper erasing ease. make sure you use only dry erase or whiteboard markers and erasers! let the ideas flow!!!



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Mathias Laustrup

Does it come off easily? I'd not want to ruin the walls in the apartment I've rented haha!


This is a nice post. Nice information.


helo guyz,,
best wall painting idea


I want to do this project, but would like to put magnetic layers underneath. What I've found in magnetic paint is a typical charcoal type color. Will the whiteboard paint cover that adequately to still be a "whiteboard" or do you think it will alter the color of the end result. Would really love a dual purpose dry erase/magnetized section on my wall - I hope this is possible! Thank you for your time!


Get a thin section of sheet metal and mount that, then paint over it.


You would need to do magnetized paint, then white primer, then dry erase paint. Dry erase paint alone isn't opaque enough to cover the charcoal color of the magnetized paint.


does the paint come off easy??


so DIY whiteboard paint is actually go shop by yourself for whiteboard paint?


Very clever how you only allowed bright colored markers; keeps the spirit light and matches the rest of the room! I love my own erasable art wall; give its blog a browse 🙂


nice painting !!! fantastic publish


Love this idea!! Great for Grandkids too!!