guys style: get Disick-ed


we’ve all seen this before. your boyfriend: jeans, t-shirt, shoes, sometimes underwear, sometimes deodorant. why is it so challenging for guys to look (and smell) good?!

this week, i took it upon myself to do an easy peasy look for the significant man in your life, while adding Mr. Kate jewelry…hello, holiday gifts!?!?

typical dude day. shoot some hoops. get the mail. read the paper. itch crotch.

 but, you (the gf) FINALLY got on the list with the secret password to The Writer’s Room (aka the happening place), and you want it to be DATE NIGHT—the dreaded words every bf hates to hear.

here’s a little inspo to motivate him to channel his inner-Scott Disick and to not wear those cargo shorts and reefs

  • step 1: take a shower & comb hair. smelling good is the key to every woman’s heart, and luscious locks make us all want to run our fingers through it. he’ll be pawing off women like wild tigers to a dead gazelle carcass in the Serengeti.

  • step two: those jeans and t-shirt he was wearing all day can STILL WORK! i mean, make sure it doesn’t wreak of B.O. and the skid marks are aptly cleaned out, but the staple of every man’s closet can be Disick-i-fyed with that BLAZER we showed you how to wear in August.

  • step three. add some Mr. Kate pieces, because let’s face it, real men wear jewelry. the Asgard bracelet and Twig cuff for guys are simple, clean, and add a bit of edge. and until a wedding ring is on his finger, he can rock the Buried treasure ring because this is waaaaay better than any wedding band i know of.

  • step four. he looks good. you look good. the paparazzi are going to confuse you guys for Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr pre-breakup.

 his outlook on date night should be changed FOREVER with these four simple steps (also mention he will be sipping fine scotch where the original anarchist HD Thoreau once was (The Writer’s Room aka happening joint).

now go get your mack on.



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