ask Mr. Kate: how do you make a mood board?



How do you make your mood boards?   Dear Kate, I’m doing my first interior project I’m 15 years old and I wanted to know if you could show myself and your other subbies and followers how to make one  much love, Mwiche


hi Mwiche! i use Photoshop to create my mood boards which i’m fortunate to have on my computer because i use it to edit blog and jewelry photos as well as make banners, etc. i know not everyone wants to fork over the money for Photoshop, which is fine, because there are some free and open source programs that provide similar functions to Photoshop – this site has a good list and links to some open source options. you could arrange photos in a word processing program like Microsoft Word or Open Office, but you won’t have as much freedom to rearrange photos, etc.

the way that i go about designing a mood board is i start with a blank white document page and an idea. i know that, for example, i want to express the vibe of the room or show how all the colors of a group of throw pillows are going to work together, etc. i have a jumping off point, maybe a color palette based off an inspiration photo or pillow and then i add photos of the different elements that i know i want in the room – the big items that will really set the tone or ‘mood’ of the space.

for example, in my recent post about the Electric Granny mood board, i started with this photo as my inspiration:

i pulled the color palette from the walls, bed and side table as well as copied a circle of the floral pattern on the bed to show that i plan to use floral patterns as well. i also added other elements that i want in the room (that i search on google or pinterest, etc) like the grapevine chandelier, the funky frame, the vintage telephone, etc. to show how i plan to fill the space…

this is just one example. like any design or creative process, the options are endless! just have fun with it and play. the purpose of a mood board is to let people know how you’re envisioning the space and to gather your thoughts so you know how all the elements will form a cohesive design.

here are some other mood boards i’ve created and i’m fond of…

thanks so much! hope that helps!


– mr. kate


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