checklist for the end of the world


since the end of the world is nigh (December 21st according to the Mayans), we decided to compile a list of things to keep in mind for the apocalypse – and you know i’m serious folks, ‘cuz i’m wearing Uggs!

My list:

  • make sure you use all those Groupons!
  • go to a tanning bed! sure they’re bad for you but the world is ending, gotta get that base tan before you see the white light!
  • wear clothes with pockets to store fruit leathers ‘cuz who knows, you might survive! we’re pretty sure the complex carbs rule will still apply after the world has ended.
  •  don’t get a flu shot, what’s the point?
  • spend alllll your money on holiday gifts and have Christmas early – did we mention that Mr. Kate has gift certificates that apply before AND after the apocalypse? Shop here!
  • wear cute yet comfortable shoes – you might get snapped by a photog while running around wildly in the streets and you want to look good if you’re gonna make the front page on the last day of civilization! – Ugg boots may not apply but damn, are they comfy!
  • stop shaving your legs and armpits, you might need the insulation

Joey’s list:

  • stop wearing clothes
  • grow a beard so you’re more intimidating when chaos breaks out…and warm when heaters stop working.
  • move to some place cool…the end of the world parties will certainly be better in a big city.
  • move to the countryside…while everyone is partying for the end of the world you’ll be stockpiling food and setting up barbed wire around the farm to keep out the zombies.
  • claim you’re a mayan prophet, and start a cult.
  • let’s be honest, my list isn’t very good, but it’s the end of the world so just relax!

what’s on your list!?


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