OOTD: 1 BEF, pleather and a drop crotch


what does BEF mean? good question! Kathryn and i ventured to the streets to snap some quick pics of my drop crotch situation and lo and behold 1 BEF was parked and taunting us. a little research and we discovered…

BEF definition: the definition of BEF is “Best Enemies Forever” or “Best Email Friend” (source)

what did BEF mean during the world war 1? the BEF combat soldiers were the best and most professional soldiers in the World. (source)

and let’s not forget, from the wisdom that is Urban Dictionary:

“To block someone from all forms of contacting you (ie deleting off facebook, myspace, blocking on msn) for absolutely no reason at all.

1. I’m gonna pull a bef on that guy I met last weekend
2. She totally beffed me”

or, my personal favorite…
“A word used to describe someone who looks slightly like Justin Bieber but also like Zac Efron. hence, bef (Bieber Efron combo)
Usually in a way that takes their good characteristics to make a seemingly perfect (bef) guy.
Wow look at him, he’s so bef”

okay, on to more important things…. like what the heck am i wearing…

I’m Wearing:
  • pants: Zara
  • shirt: Zara
  • vegan leather jacket: Zara
  • (ps there’s a 50% off sale at Zara)
  • shoes: Steve Madden
  • jewelry: Mr. Kate


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