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Mr. Kate, discovered you yesterday and i am seriously loving the lifestyle… however as someone who is older than probably the average Mr. Kate subscriber, I just wanted to know if you could give me any pointers on dressing crazily for the older woman? I do not want to be wearing the norm but shorts and tights at my age is a big ask and I wouldn’t want to inflict that on anybody these days!! pointers please Mr. Kate!! love xxxxBella


hi Bella! thank you so much for your great question. i’m assuming by “dressing crazily” you mean dressing “funky”, “fun”, “different” and “outside of the box” for an older/mature woman…that kind of crazy?…which i love! i’m all about people expressing themselves through what they wear and having your outfit be a fun part of your daily life – and age should not be the determining factor for having fun with style. also check out this Advanced Style documentary i blogged about before that features some of the funkiest older ladies ever!

so let’s get inspired by some funky, older-than-30’s, women!…

i’ll start with the perfect quote from renowned fashion designer Miuccia Prada “women are always trying to tame themselves as they get older but the ones who look the best are often a bit wilder. thinking about age all the time is the biggest prison women can make for themselves.” ...amen!

above are some ladies i think have a funky style that works perfectly no matter their age…

  1. Julianne Moore mixes prints! i love to mix different patterns in my own style and i think this is a great example of a mature lady doing it perfectly with a muted leopard print pair of pants and a worn army print coat. she paired it all with a chic pair of shoes and the whole thing works!
  2. Betsey Johnson is so funky! she always has fun hair and wacky outfits. i love how she has a platinum bob haircut paired with layered necklaces and bracelets. you’re never too old to wear a ton of jewelry!
  3. speaking of jewelry, how about the legendary Iris Apfel who has such a unique sense of style and everyone loves her for it! she always has her signature round glasses (in a variety of colors of course) and loads upon loads of statement jewelry… fabulous!
  4. Linda Rodin is so amazing. look how she layered a polk-a-dot blouse over a denim shirt – she managed to be covered up and sexy all at once.
  5. my mom Annie is wearing the ageless Mr. Kate Sea Nymph Tank top while on vacation in Bora Bora! pssst, she’s 61 and is so fun and funky!
  6. another pic of my mom with her fun nail art (you can never be too old for nail art) and glasses are always a great statement too – if you wear them, try having a signature pair that defines your style (like Iris Apfel) or be like my mom and have a bunch of different funky pairs to choose from, depending on your mood!

personal style should get better as we age, not disappear! get crazy, go wild, why not?! take what currently interests and inspires you and experiment with your clothes and accessories…and in case you were wondering, Mr. Kate jewelry is also ageless and versatile! experiment with color, fit, fabric, and express yourself! all these stylish ladies, ages 40 to 94, are expressing themselves while having fun and embracing their individuality!

Linda Fargo (pictured above) believes, “not only does money not buy you happiness — it can’t buy you that thing called “style,” either. style requires confidence, the ability to not look back in the mirror, an ability to judge what suits who you are, and the vision to believe that beauty can be found anywhere.”

Diane Keaton is a funky style icon! she always looks unique and amazing. check out that stack of animal print bangles with all black, high-waisted pants and a wide belt.

a bit more toned down but super chic Julia Roberts looks fun in her 40’s in wide legged pants and a brightly patterned bag. try funking up a look like this with a big statement necklace – like the Mr. Kate Sea Nymph necklace in turquoise!

this lady is in her 80’s and looks sooo cool! i love her high-waisted white pants and super long necklace. those white aviators are true funkiness. this is a great example of a layered look that looks funky because of accessories and the cut of the pants.

some more of the gorgeous Linda Rodin from the Advanced Style blog. don’t be afraid of color! see how Linda paired this fun skirt with a lacy top and turquoise shoes and threw the whole thing into the realm of funky with a fuchsia lipstick.

statement earrings, a fun purse and fun gloves are funky and fun at any age!

Cyndi Lauper has always been a very unique dresser. take some cues from her and maybe try dying your hair a fun color. hair color is a way to feel funky every day, no matter the clothes.

we had to put one more in of the eccentric fashion icon: Iris Apfel. “i think dressing up or dressing down should be a creative experience. exciting. fun. for me the key to personal style lies in accessories.” you go girl!

more photos of my mom Annie, which i snapped when she was visiting LA… of course she’s also rocking the Mr. Kate Vertebrae ring with her bandage from her carpel tunnel surgery…it’s a fashion statement!

here my mom is wearing a leather tunic paired with skinny jeans and spiked wedge sneakers (from Aldo) that Joey got her for xmas…did i mention she’s 61!

this is Kathryn’s pretty mom Patty with her cute bob haircut and Mr. Kate necklace from the Artifact Decay collection

close-up of my cute mom in her Mr. Kate Sea Nymph Tank while on vacay in Bora Bora…babe!

my fave photo of Linda Rodin – the ultimate in funky chic! her apartment looks pretty rad too.

i hope this gives you some ideas on how to be ageless and funky in your personal style. send us some photos of your favorite outfits ( and most important, have fun!!!


– kate

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images via advancedJCrew, stylebistro, zimbio, photodiarist,  chicelephant,,,,, advancedstyle.blogspot


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