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Zahraa writes: “Hi Mr Kate I have short hair and would like to do the hair bow, but it just does not work. Any ides of other cool hairstyles for short hair?”

Andrea writes: “I cut my hair shoulder length and I don’t know how to style it!”

Lynsey writes: “Dear Mr. Kate, I recently (and perhaps stupidly!) had all my long hair cut off!! Any ideas on how to style it and stop me from looking like a boy!!!?”

On our youtube channel TepidRock left a comment on the Messy Bun Hair Up-Do tutorial asking: “Mr.Kate, do you have any tips on styling shorter hair? I donated my hair a few months ago to charity. I loved doing it, but now I have no idea what to do with my hair at all :/ Any ideas? It would make my day if you could make a tutorial as awesome as this!”


Hi ladies! I’ve always loved short hair on women, and there are some really fun cuts and ways to style your cropped locks.  I know it can take some getting used to but you just have to experiment with different techniques and styling products and I’m sure you’ll find something you like! I used to have short hair myself, in high school…

 Here’s my naturally curly bob hair when I was 16.

Then I went even shorter and had a pixie cut at 17…and apparently some major attitude.

I think the key with short hair is getting a great cut and understanding your hair texture. Many people think that short hair is as low maintenance as you can get, which is true if your hair texture allows you to dry naturally and get the look you want, but more often I think short hair requires product and styling. When I had my bob haircut it was pretty low maintenance because I could let it dry naturally and wear it wild and curly. But my pixie cut took some time to style since the curl in my hair did not look good if I let it dry without any product, etc. I looked a little “grandma-chic” with a curly helmet. So, I had to blow it dry, use a straightening iron to get it spiky and use thick pomade to keep it piecey. If you do have short hair, experiment with different styling techniques and products. Maybe even go get it styled professionally and see what methods they use so you can replicate it.

Short hair looks cute with pins, headbands, scarves, turbans, hats, color, etc. Here are some of my favorite short hair looks and styling options…

Michelle Williams rocking a giant and girly hair clip makes her look like a fairy!

My DIY floral headpiece looks really cute in short hair.

Drew Barrymore with fresh daisies in her hair is the cutest!

Scarves tied as turban headbands are really cute on pixie cuts or bobs like on our lookbook model Milan’s hair wearing the Mr. Kate Scarf #001

My friend Rachel with her straight bob wearing a DIY neon braid jewelry as a headband.

 Accessorize: with headbands, barrettes/bows/bobbies, scarf, or the Starburst headpiece

If your hair isn’t long enough to do the DIY Bow Bun, you can purchase bow bun clips to get a similar look!
Try braiding a little chunk of hair in a fishtail braid (like Carrie Mulligan did above) and pin it back.
I loved Sienna Miller’s short hair which is probably styled by blowing it dry all forward using a round brush.
Short hair is perfect to wear with statement earrings like the Mr. Kate Fin Earrings.
Emma Watson looks stunning with a super short and super straight pixie cut.
I love Rihanna’s asymmetrical short hair cut with it buzzed on one side – punky chic!
Bangs with short hair and a cute hat!
Dye your short hair a fun color or get the look for a day with DIY Hair Chalking.
Love the tousled look – get it by blow drying towards your face using a round brush and then a texturizing pomade.

As you can see, there are endless styling and cut options for short hair. I hope these tips inspire you to embrace and love your cropped do’s!


– kate

images via frencheelou.blogspot, bellasugar, instyle, trouprouge, typef,,,,,, picasaweb, fuckyeahgirlswithshorthair.tumblr


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