hairstyles for greasy and grungy hair


Zoe asks:
Howdy Mr. Kate!! So, I am going to be going on a mission trip here pretty soon, and I am not necessarily guarenteed a shower every day/every other day. So, my hair might be pretty grungy in beautiful Australia! Would you happen to have any ideas of cute hair tutorials for some greasy, grungy hair?


And from Curly Jordi:

Hey Mr. Kate! You’re a great fashion inspiration of mine! I’ve been wearing my hair curly lately and I’m not sure what to do with third day curls. I have thick, curly hair, much like yours, except it’s medium length and FRIZZY!! I use a wand to touch up my curls and the third day in they start looking a little bit depressed. I’m wondering if you have any ideas of what to do with third-day curls. XX Jorden

My Answer:

I totally hear you Zoe and Curly Jordi! I usually only wash my hair every 3 to 4 days. My hair is naturally curly and since I dye it too, it tends to be on the dry side. However, my roots still get greasy as my non-washing days progress (I take body showers still, people!) – so here are some of my favorite greasy/dirty hair dos that work great for straight, wavy or curly hair. I usually wear my hair in a messy bun on the third or forth day of grime. I also love using dry shampoo to soak up the oil and refresh my hair, my favorite is the Dry Cleaning Spray by Kevin Murphy – it smells great and doesn’t leave it looking grey.

  • Top Knots are one of my favorite up-dos for dirty hair – obviously I rock them a lot, hence the numerous photos, mostly from one angle – can you tell my favorite side? My tip with top knots is don’t try to brush your hair, leave it loose around your hairline so it looks disheveled. The placement of the bun is important too, I think they look best and most “stylish” when the bun is on the top of your head, not further back on the crown, literally a top knot!

  • Braids are always a good idea. You can add in flowers, barrettes, headbands, etc. This one above is The Messy Danish and a side fishtail is a great solution for curly hair that’s too frizzy to tame.

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  • DIY Messy Bun Up-Do is a great way to embrace the mess and make it look somewhat purposeful…no brush necessary!
  • If your hair is on the cleaner side, but you want to get the messy/grungy look, use some sea salt spray for texture and dry shampoo to lift the roots (maybe even do a little teasing – but be nice!).


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i have oily and greasy can I use a wand to touch up my curls and the third day in they start looking a little bit depressed.????please give me proper solution


i have dirty hair and there is much problem to style my hair here i find some Style for dirty hair but it look difficult to apply them bu t i try it.

Michele@Tape Hair Extensions

I was thought that to maintain greasy and grungy hair is difficult . But through your above article I think I am wrong . I just follow your above article and hope that I will success to maintain my hair. Thanks for your above article.


LOVE THIS!I'm a huge fan of dry shampoo, since it let's me wash my hair less and retain the colors! I've also been known to hair-turban it on particularly grease-ball days!

XO Sahra


My hair has NO volume after the first day. 🙁 So I've gotten used to my routine of spending forever washing and styling my hair every morning. But maybe it's time for me to invest in a good dry shampoo...


I'm going to a wedding today but my hair has not been cooperating so i'm going to follow one of your sock bun tutorials - thank you for sharing!


this was just what I needed for my third day hair today 😀