DIY fringe shirt


Fringe will never tire, it’s basically the eyelashes of clothing. You can give easily give any t-shirt some nice flirty eyelashes by cutting fringe! This is a fun DIY for a festival outfit, or to update any old t-shirt. I recently wore a teenage mutant fringe top in OOTD: Neon Ninja. 100% cotton t-shirts work best but you can also do it on a poly blend, just make sure it’s a blend with some cotton.

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Prep It:

  • t-shirt – 100% cotton t-shirts work best but you can also do it on a poly blend, just make sure there is some cotton in the blend
  • scissors

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  1. try on your t-shirt and decide where you want your fringe to stop (I chose around my belly button)
  2. optional: cut off the bottom hem of the shirt (we didn’t do this because we liked the look of the hem but you may want to cut off the hem – the look is more like my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt seen here)
  3. cut your fringe pieces, about 1 inch wide all the way around your shirt, stopping at the point you decided in step 1
  4. after you’ve cut all your fringe, stretch out the pieces by pulling on them – this will make them into tube-like pieces (just like you do when making a T-Shirt Scarf!) and look more like strands of fringe!



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Looks fab! Do these wash ok? Or do they fall apart and fray?


if only you could do something plus size ...............sigh