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What are chic skulls? They are skulls that you DIY decorate to fit in with your interior decor around Halloween to spooky and stylish results!…or at least that’s my definition. Here are my chic skulls three ways: decoupage, glitter and chalkboard with moss. I got these ceramic skulls at Michael’s but you could try your hand at making your own skull shape… if you’re feeling really crafty, and chic-y.

Watch the video above for the full how-to and a little commentary from Macy, the emaciated skull.

Matte Black and Moss Skull

Prep it:

  • chalkboard spray paint (or black spray paint with a matte finish)
  • hot glue gun
  • dried moss
  • faux black flowers
  • skull base


  1. spray the skull black using the chalkboard spray paint and let dry
  2. use the hot glue gun to glue the moss in place – I chose just one side of the skull
  3. use glue gun to glue black flowers over the moss

Glitter Skull

Prep it:

  • glitter spray paint
  • loose glitter
  • glitter finishing spray – in the glitter aisle at Michael’s
  • skull


  1. spray the glitter spray paint and while still wet pour the lose glitter over the skull
  2. spray the glitter finishing spray to seal the deal and let dry

Decoupage Skull

Prep it:

  • tissue paper
  • decoupage glue
  • foam brush
  • skull
  • cup for water (if you’re using regular paper, not tissue paper) and cup for decoupage glue


  1. rip the tissue paper into smaller pieces
  2. use the foam brush to apply the decoupage glue onto the skull then place a piece of tissue paper on the skull and apply more decoupage glue over it. Tip: use water to dampen paper first before you apply it to the skull to make the paper more flexible. Do this with regular paper not tissue paper which will tear if it’s too wet. Wet paper in cup or under faucet and apply glue as advised above.
  3. repeat until the entire skull is covered layering the pieces of tissue paper over each other and inside the eye sockets, etc. let dry

Display your Chic Skulls!


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Does anyone have tips on where to find the skulls? We're going to use this idea for a craft night in a couple of weeks!

Amy Michele Rigsby

Gosh I wish they sold skulls all year round!!!


I love the idea! I was wondering...What lipstick or lip product are you wearing?


I made these skulls a few weeks ago only I went on the even cheaper side and painted decoupage skulls from Michael's. They turned out great and I actually still have them up and I'm going to give two of them away for Christmas presents because my aunt loves skull motifs! Thanks Mr. Kate!


I love it!!! What a great project - I'm definitely doing this this year. Thanks Kate!!!