what is beauty?


I was inspired to ponder what #beautyis by Dove’s Real Beauty campaign. I love their thought-provoking ads – have you seen the one where the forensic sketch artist creates drawings based off how women describe themselves? I embedded it below. It’s fascinating to see that us women focus on our flaws instead of our inherent beauty.

 I definitely think we can change that, but it’s going to be hard. There is way too much to compare ourselves to and as women, we are bombarded by ideals – the ideal height, weight, look, hair color, smile, etc. which is the most pointless damn thing because we are all born unique and creating ideals based off DNA is fruitless. I wrote more about society’s pressure on looks and my role as a style/beauty blogger in my post Brainwashed Beauty.

– A picture I posted on my Instagram with no makeup and no filter – I like the challenge of finding beauty without makeup, on some days –

In the video above I say that for me, the definiton of beauty is a sense of humor. I really believe that humor and the ability to find fun and funny in the world and yourself is the most beautiful quality. Humor is unique to everyone but it comes from within and expressed visually through smiles and laughter – no one ever looks ugly when they’re laughing! …especially at a fart joke, I know, I’m so mature.

– Being a silly willy with Joey on my Instagram –

I like when people think I’m “pretty” but I find it a way more satisfying compliment when people tell me I’m “funny,” with a smile on their face. Laughter is one of those things that reflects upon other people – it’s contagious after all. I just got back from visiting my Grandpa in Maine. He had a stroke a year ago and is definitely looking older. But the thing that keeps him sparkling is the twinkle in his eye. He’s always been a funny guy who loves to laugh and even with his weaker body, he’s still able to express his sense of humor. I hope to always be like that because even as I get old and wrinkly and saggy and flabby, I can still let out a beautiful laugh.

– My tattoo that makes me feel beautiful because it makes me laugh! – More about it here

I want to hear from you – when do you feel your most beautiful? What is your definition of beauty? Isn’t it time we redefined beauty? Share what beauty means to you with #beautyis and comment below!


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