OMG We Bought A House! Episode 8: The Living Room (Part 2)!


We’re so happy to be LIVING in our living room! It’s done! It was a relatively easy process but it always takes time to move, create a design and implement it with furniture, textiles and decor. The tones of white, mixed metals and masculine moments from my inspo tray (in Episode 2) are now manifested in real life in this room…what do you think!?

The stand out moments, to me are: the media wall with the mounted TV, swing arm sconces from Lamps Plus above the bookcases and the DIY gold-leafed, paper mache animal heads above the TV as well as the reupholstered thrift store chairs and mirror used as a coffee table! What’s your favorite part? Watch the video to get all the design details.

If you missed Episode 7: Living Room Part 1, watch it here and see all of the OMG We Bought A House series here!









The chairs were too complex for me to attempt a DIY reupholstery so I took them to my local upholstery shop along with the fabric I bought from the fabric store for each chair. I had 6 yards for the tufted chair and 5 yards for the white/wood frame chair. I also had them stain the frame and legs black and add nail head detail. I love how they turned out and pssssttt… the white chair is pleather and Joey loves it and it’s so easy to clean!

ep8_chaircu_3 ep8_chair_cu_1



I also bought some of the other fabric I liked in 1 to 2 yard pieces and had the upholsterer make custom pillows for the couch and one for the white chair. It ends up being cheaper than if you were to buy high end throw pillows at a store… they even made them with zippers so I can get the cases dry cleaned if needed.


The knit pillow I got on sale from Ballard Designs


The cream colored, vintage velvet curtain panels are from Restoration Hardware and give such a luxurious vibe to the room! The plant is a fiddle leaf fig and the pot is from Cost Plus World Market.


You don’t have to cram a bookshelf! Careful styling and placement of a few chosen items make open shelving so much more pleasing to the eye. If you have a ton of not-so-cute books etc. try housing them in shelves with cabinets or use pretty bookends.


Annd, of course, the DIY gold leafed paper mache animal busts…



DIY Gold Leaf – this is a great technique to use on any large scale, sculptural element you want to make look like it’s made from real gold!

Prep It:



Do It!:

  • Spray the adhesive onto your animal head in small portions and carefully drape the gold leaf over it. Use the paint brush to softly dab the gold leaf into the crevices of the animal to make sure every detail of the animal is revealed.
  • Repeat the first two steps until the animal head is covered – don’t worry if the gold sheets rip a little, you can fill it in with another piece of the liquid leaf.
  • Optional: Go over any tears or gaps in the gold leaf with the paint-on gold leaf to give your animals more definition and a tarnished, more antique look.
  • Let dry and spray your now gold casted (looking) animal head with the protective finishing spray and let dry – this will help seal the leaf and also prevent further tarnishing.
  • Mount on your wall and enjoy!


Comment and let us know what you think of the transformation and thanks for watching and reading! xo

(lighting provided by Lamps Plus)


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Talia Lopez-Torres

What TV mount did you use! Where did you guys get it from

Leslie Atkinson

Hey Mr. Kate!! My fiancé and I started watching your videos and we're inspired for our new home. We were wondering where you found your shelves?


Finally talked my boyfriend into letting me have a faux gold animal head! Thanks for the inspiration!


YAyyyy! No problem! xox

Katherine Walsh

Hey Kate! Wondering if you had the link for that rug! Keep up the great work!


Hi Katherine! Thanks so much, I'll try! Here's a link for the rug: xox


Where did you get the legs for the coffee table? I am preparing to start I DIY dresser upcycle project and I want to add legs to the dresser to raise it and give it a sleeker look.


I am absolutely OBSESSED with your new series! I have learned so many awesome things from you. You really inspire and give great ideas to people, thank you! Your home is looking so beautiful and cozy!


Aw, thanks for sharing Channon! I always am so happy to hear that people are creating because of me. DIYing is so fun and rewarding and everyone should get into redoing their own decor. Thank you again Channon! xox


How much did it cost to redo the chairs?


This living room looks spectacular!! I'm motivated to de-clutter my large bookshelf that is currently packed with books and my little embellishments are lost in the chaos, so thank you so much for your awesome and inspiring ideas! You guys are inspiring!


Yes, less is more a lot of the time! De-clutter! So happy we inspire you Tatum. Thanks for the feedback. 🙂 <3


I AM totally consumed with LUV for THIS ROOM!!!
You two are the cutest lil couple... and my 13 yr old and I check every week for a new episode! YOUR HOUSE IS PERFECT! I am determined to use the Animal bust inspriation from here. WHO WOULDA THUNK IT!!!! I saw the store still has elephant heads... and my gramma used to collect them. It will actually give me a way to bring some sort of family ties WHEN I MOVE TO my new Home this summer. THANK YOU GUYS!!! KEEP EM COMING!


YAy, Lou! Gold leaf that Elephant head! Share pictures when you do, I'd love to see how it turns out. Thanks for watching and stay inspired. xox, Kate


WOW! I really love how you used such a simple colour scheme and made the room look so stylish! It's amazing how quickly the room came together (or so it seemed) the patterns you have used really tie the room together! Obviously I knew the room would look amazing but it's still so surprising how much it's changed and how light and open it looks! Well done Kate and Joey! P.s. your thrift collection is just fabulous.. I love, love, love it!!! Can't wait for the next episode! xxx


Thanks for all the positive feedback Sarah!! I'm glad you love the room as much as we do! xox


The room looks so good, love the black and white chairs with the green plant and the golden animal heads! perfect combination!
(: Anna