He Said, She Said: New Year’s Resolutions


He Said, She Said is our new VODcast series where Joey and I talk about anything and everything as well as answer your questions. Our first episode we shot in our dining room over our morning coffee. We discuss

Please comment below with your questions! We plan on doing these about once per month and maybe invite some guests! What do you think? More on glitter farts and other important life queries below…


In summary, glitter farts are not possible but glitter poo is? Sounds painful. Glitter Pills via GustavoGoods


Our tips to stay inspired this new year:

  1. Set realistic goals for yourself and give yourself the much deserved kudos when you accomplish them. When I first started the Mr. Kate blog, I set the goal to blog every day and felt proud when I was able to accomplish just a small post each day. It was a small task because I had the realistic goal of the posts being anything that had inspired me that day. It could be one photo or many, it could be a collage, video, DIY and so on. I tend to be hard on myself so I know that I need to set a variety of goals, some lofty and some easily attainable, that way I don’t get discouraged if I don’t reach a lofty one because I’m comforted by the small achievements. Try it for a week, a month, two months, etc. and see what happens!
  2. Work on being truly happy for other people’s accomplishments. I know, it’s hard! This past year I really worked on that myself and found it felt so good. Feeling happy for others will allow you to be inspired by their achievements and in turn, motivate you as opposed to making you feel sorry for yourself. Feeling happy is never a bad thing and I guarantee you the good karma will keep you inspired.
  3. Sign up for Flipboard on your smart phone or tablet (download in the App store) or listen to talk radio like NPR or podcasts to hear about other people doing awesome stuff and get inspired by the world around you while you’re driving, commuting or pooing glitter.


2015 is the year to find your personal style! Here are some things to add to your mantra of self encouragement as you experiment with different looks to find YOUR personal style:

  • Take chances, style is harmless
  • You can’t please everyone so just please yourself
  • Try on something new and different
  • Is it weird? Buy it and wear it!
  • Experiment with thrift store finds
  • Don’t apologize for how you’re expressing yourself
  • Own it

relationships_and_business_mrkate2We balance working together on Mr. Kate and being in a relationship by keeping the two as separate as possible. In our business, we both have clearly defined roles that are equally important. We stay out of each other’s way when we’re doing our “thing” (Joey’s is business development/operations and I’m creative and design execution but we are both the decision makers of the big stuff) and we respect the other’s opinion. We also just really like each other so having a business where we can be together is a treat that we try not to take for granted.

Our challenge is recognizing when to stop working because we are both very ambitious and work long hours to grow our small business. We try to be conscious to turn off the business side of our relationship and spend time nurturing our friendship and romance…ooo lala. What do you all think of our take on love and business? Do you do it with your significant other? How do you make it work?

Fail_up_mrkateIt’s not a #fail it’s a #failUP! The oldest lesson in the book to learn from your mistakes, right? If a failure is something that you can take notes from for future reference then it’s not such a failure after all! That’s how I look at my interior design “failures” because each and every one of the mistakes I made in a room in the past now informs the work I do. Thankfully, I’ve never made the same design failure twice. In the video I use the example of Joey’s apartment in Boston where I taped ribbon on the walls to look like stripes and bundles of sticks around his bedposts to give them some visual interest. The ribbon sagged because the tape wasn’t strong enough and the sticks around the bedposts looked more like something out of American Horror Story. Needless to say it wasn’t my best design choice but I’ve turned it into a #failUP by knowing ribbon on walls needs better adhesive and sticks are better used elsewhere!

Joey talks about the time we picked up a beautiful, albeit broken, ornate gold frame off the side of the road. Joey glued it back together and we hung it on our wall above our couch. Months later we heard weird chewing noises as we sat on the couch beneath the frame and realized there were creatures of some sort inside the frame making little piles of sawdust because they were eating it from the inside out! We #failUp ‘ed from that learning that side of the road finds that are brittle and broken might have critters and you can take extra precautions with the things you do dumpster dive and take home by painting them with a sealant to kill off any unwanted houseguests.

Thank you to all who asked us questions on Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and the blog! If we didn’t answer your question, we may next time so stay tuned. Please comment with your question below! xo


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