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Fay asks: I am having trouble styling a small living room with black wall to wall carpet. All I have are two leather black sofas and a black coffee table. My walls are currently an aqua/ minty color, which, I like.. but I don’t know how else to break up the dark tones of the room. please help!

My Answer: Hi Fay! The most important thing to remember about the color black is it absorbs light which is in contrast to white which reflects light. Therefore, in a room with dark colors, like your black wall to wall carpet, you want to balance it with light reflecting colors. You can always put an area rug over wall to wall carpet (like we did in Couple Moves In: Master Bedroom) to bring in more color and pattern to the floor. I also think this will help break up the big blocks of dark color since you have black sofas as well. Get an area rug big enough to position slightly under or near the sofas to add a big patch of a lighter color and/or pattern. A colorful or metallic tray(s) on your black coffee will add a nice patch of color to break up the black, I love these aqua/teal lacquer trays I used in this living room design.

As seen in the board above, black and white always pair well together and create balance. Bring in some black and white patterned pillows or curtain panels – I like these – and you will see the black carpet start to make sense in an overall design.

Notice how the rooms in the board above are successful because they also embrace the dark color be repeating it more than one time. Having patterns that contain your dark shade or other dark items throughout the room (like your black sofas) or maybe a lamp, picture frames, etc. makes the dark color feel purposeful and an intentional part of the overall design. Good luck and enjoy the process! xo

For your aqua walls, check out my post ‘Color Palette Inspo: Dark Teal And Mustard‘ to get some more ideas!


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