DIY pressed flowers



I love the look of pressed flowers. Any time I can decorate or DIY with a natural element, I do and pressed flowers are easy to get with some quick tips. Now that Valentine’s day has passed you could even press or dry your bouquets. Use pressed flowers like these in collage art, epoxy resin projects, greeting cards, etc!

Want to dry your flowers instead? Cool, look here for the step-by step: ‘DIY Dried Flowers



Prep It:







Do It!:

  1. Lay your flowers on pieces of waxed paper in between two sheets of paper in the middle of a large book. Make sure you sandwich the flower in two pieces of waxed paper to protect the book pages from moisture.
  2. Place a weight on the book or place a stack of books together – the flatter the flowers the better.
  3. Switch out the wax paper every couple days to ensure mold doesn’t grow. (TIP: the bigger the flower the more prone this is to happen.  Make sure you change the paper every couple days to keep your flowers and books mold free!)
  4. After a couple weeks your flowers should be nicely dried and pressed!  (TIP: You’ll know they’re fully done when they don’t stick to the wax paper and just slide off.)
  5. Display your new flowers sandwiched between glass or decoupage them to something fancy.  (TIP: decopaging the flowers – with glue like Mod Podge – will preserve their color for longer!)




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