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I get questions all the time from you lovely people like, “What rug should I pick to go with teal walls?”, “What is an easy way to make my room look decorated?” or “How can I work around my big red couch?” and so on. I get decorating advice questions all the time and since I can’t personally help all of you, I want to start a series of blog posts called “Shop-able Mood Boards” so I can give you the tools so that you can decorate for yourself!

A shop-able moodboard is essentially what I do whenever I’m working on an interior design project. I create a moodboard usually with one or two inspiration images and then pull items that are shop-pable online to pull off a similar look. Then I send it to the client/friend/victim-of-our-Mr.-Kate-video-shoots and tell them to buy the stuff!

So why can’t I do that en mass for my amazing blog readers!? I asked myself, and thus was born the idea for these posts where I will create different styles of moodboards with overall looks that are shop-pable online so if you like the mooboard you can make it your reality in your home! All you’ll have to do is wait for the items to show up on your doorstep and then hang the curtains, place the furniture or throw the pillows! Weeeeeee.

Please comment with suggestions like “build a moodboard around this rug please (with a photo or link in the comment” or “please make a moodboard around the colors lavender and sage green” and so on which will help me give you guys moodboards that get you excited to spruce up your space. Thank you!

Okay, first up…

Elisabeth asks: Hi Mr. Kate! I have a large window in my living room and was wondering what kind of curtain/drapery you would do. At the moment, I have patterned panels with tiebacks and sheer white in the middle. I wanted to switch it to a linen/silk white fabric – but not sure if I should do a drape in the middle. Help!

My Answer: Hi Elisabeth! I usually like to only hang one type of curtain on a single rod. You can do a double rod with sheers on the rod closest to the window so you have more flexibility. I think prints and patterns can really pull a room together and curtain panels are a great opportunity to establish a big patch of pattern. But for some people patterns on the curtains is too big of a statement so in that case, you can go with a solid and establish some pattern in smaller areas elsewhere like pillows or an area rug. Here are two shop-able moodboards with pattern vs solid curtains so you can see how either can work! Hope these help! xo

Solid Curtains with Patterned Accents


Shop Solid Curtains with Patterned Accents:

Patterned Curtains with (mostly) Solid Accents


Shop Patterned Curtains with Solid Accents:


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