DIY Paint Splatter Blazer


Blazer_FullHD (404 of 481)Finding the perfect outfit to paint in is always an affair. It can sometimes be more complicated than the project itself! But instead of letting the fear of getting paint on and ruining beloved clothes rule you — embrace it. Turn a crisp white jacket (this one was $5 at the thrift store) into a Jackson Pollack-worthy piece of art. It’ll be so fun to let yourself get as messy as you want for once, and you’ll get a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing as a reward. Win-win!

If you’re still in the mood to make a fashionable mess, try taking on this DIY Nail Polish Splattered Clutch.

Blazer_FullHD (23 of 481) Blazer_FullHD (151 of 481)

Prep It:

  • A plain blazer in any desired color
  • Fabric paint in any color (We used blue and gold)
  • Brushes in different sizes
  • Small roller

Blazer_FullHD (225 of 481)

Blazer_FullHD (232 of 481)Blazer_FullHD (318 of 481)

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Do It!

  1. Place your blazer with the back facing you. Make sure that the lapels are facing down so no stray paint gets on them.
  2. Start by adding paint with a big brush in the center of the back of your blazer, at the seam, and work out to the edges.
  3. Once you have a base area of color, dip your brush into the paint and splatter color onto the blazer. We used mostly blue but you can mix in other colors if you like.
  4. Fold the blazer at the seam and tap it softly to make sure the color spreads to the opposite side so you can create a mirrored pattern.
  5. Open up the blazer carefully and roll out the extra paint left in the center with your roller.
  6. Add more color splashes if you want, and top it off with an accent color. We used gold!
  7. Lift it carefully and hang it to dry!

Blazer_FullHD (481 of 481) Blazer_FullHD (479 of 481) Blazer_FullHD (472 of 481) Blazer_FullHD (436 of 481) Blazer_FullHD (388 of 481)Woaalaaa!

Go out and rock out this funky blazer!

If you are looking for a more minimalist look, just stick to the color splashes and fold it the same way, but don’t paint any color in the center.



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    oooh this jacket reminds me of a Rorschach. I definitely would take it that way if I DIY'd my own and use black paint!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra