DIY Winter Flower Crown


Mr. Kate Advent Calendar Day 6: A Festive Crown for all your Holiday Party Needs!

Deck your hair with boughs of holly, fa la la la la la la la la! That’s how the song goes, right? Just kidding! I know the real lyrics, but #whynot sing this version when making one of these beautiful and ethereal winter flower crown DIY I did. Combining pine and some seasonal sprouts and colorful berries, you can create what is basically a mini wreath for your head! It’s a nice idea for holiday parties or just roaming around this season, as it is festive, but still keeps things fashion-forward.

Make a larger version of this for your door! A door crown…otherwise known as a wreath ; )

If you want to add a little tropical feel to the cold December days, check out this DIY Floral Headpiece

MrKate_WinterCrown_Blog (6 of 73)Prep It:

Myrtle branches
Pine branches
White Wax Flowers
Red berry stems
Floral wire
Wire cutters
Optional: Floral tape, grapevine wire

MrKate_WinterCrown_Blog (17 of 73)Do It!:

  1. Take a long branch of myrtle to shape into a crown around your head. If your branch isn’t flexible, do this step with grapevine wire, then add myrtle from there. Attach the ends into a circle with a piece of floral wire and trim any overhang.
  2. Use floral wire or floral tape to tuck in and secure down any stray pieces or leaves that distract from the crown shape or make it look too crazy.
  3. Use your other flowers, branches, and berries to create little bundles, almost like miniature bouquets, and tie together with wire.
  4. Place these bundles on your crown and fasten with wire, using pliers to make sure the wire is wound tight and the ends are tucked in so they don’t poke you!
  5. Try on your crown periodically throughout the decorating stage. Test the placement of the different add-ons, and don’t hesitate to try placing them on the top or bottom of the crown, or to use individual sprigs and flowers instead of bundles! Get creative!
  6. When the crown is done, wear it around like the fairy royalty you are, or store it in the fridge to keep it fresh for a few days!

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