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Hot damn, do I love me a good piñata. DIY piñatas have a special place in my heart, but for this Cinco de Mayo, I decided to relocate that adoration to another part of my anatomy.

With some glitter, simple nail art, and possibly a Mariachi music soundtrack to set the mood, I set out to transform my fingers into the little piñata-themed pieces of magic. Just don’t whack at these with a stick! There’s no candy inside, I promise, just some phalanges!

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Prep It:

Fine rose gold glitter
Clear gel nail polish
White nail polish
Purple nail polish
Yellow nail polish
Neon pink nail polish
Green nail polish
Dotting tool

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Do It!:

  1. Base coat: Mix together the glitter and a clear gel polish for the all over shimmer like I have with this rose gold glitter. Use the technique as seen in my At-Home Gel Manicure tutorial, then cure.
  2. For the embellishment, paint a thick stripe of white horizontally across your nail. Depending on the white polish you have, this might need 2 coats, so let the first one dry and assess. Don’t worry about having it too exact! The freehand vibe of this manicure is what gives it that party party feeling. Creative note: I painted my band across the middle of my nail, but you could paint it at the top, as a half moon on the bottom — get creative with the placement!
  3. Place dollops of your piñata colors onto a small piece of paper so they’re easily dippable for your dotting tool.
  4. Working one color at a time, make small dots horizontally across the band. If you don’t have a dotting tool, you can use a toothpick or the rounded end of a bobby pin for this step.
  5. Make sure to clean off the end of your dotting tool between colors, and continue with the pattern until you’ve filled the band with colorful polka dots!
  6. Let it dry, seal with a clear top coat (and cure, if using gel) and enjoy!

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Don’t they also look like those candy buttons!?

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Haha, thanks, Kaylee! Hope you're inspired to spice up your nails for Cinco de Mayo! xo


oh my gosh how funnn!

XO Sahra

Que Sera Sahra


Thanks, Sahra!! Love me some party nails always!