DIY Donut Ornament





Tis the season to have donuts!

Not going to lie, I don’t need it to be the holiday season to have a #treatyourself moment with a sugary sweet, but with Christmahanukkahkwanzaasolstice approaching and suitably adorable decor needed to be made, what better time to translate a love of donuts into something DIY-able?!

I’ve seen plaster or glass donut ornaments, but these felt options are a nice alternative since they’re very light and not easy to break. Plus, if you fill it with dried lavender instead of batting, you’ll have a sweet-looking sachet to use year round!

Check out this DIY above, and take a nibble out of the how-to below!donuts_mrkate_ornaments_2016-5-of-10

Prep It:

Felt in a variety of colors
Thread (color-coordinating with the felt)
Printable template
Fabric marker
Embroidery needle
Hot glue gun (optional)
Dried lavender (optional)

mrkate_diy_doughnuts-1Do It!:

  1. Print and cut out your template, including the center hole (it should look like a paper donut!) With the fabric marker, trace this template twice onto a piece of felt. We chose a tan felt and red felt that looked like different flavors of donuts, but if you can get as fantastical as you’d like!
  2. Cut the same, traced shapes out of the felt, and pin together so they’re lined up.
  3. Sew or glue a 1/4 inch inside the perimeter of the donut shape, around the outside of the donut. Do not sew the smaller hole!!
  4. When you’re done sewing/ glueing, turn the donut shape inside out and stuff with shredded pieces of batting or dried lavender buds if you want to make a sachet!
  5. Now, sew or glue the smaller hole together. Yay!! You have a donut!
  6. Which means, time for frosting! Create a frosting-esque shape out of a piece of felt — cut a wavy-edged shape a little smaller than your donut and use the template to trace and cut out the center hole.
  7. Sew or glue the frosting felt to one side of your donut! If you’re sewing, a loop stitch is best for this step.
  8. To add sprinkles and sparkle, sew on small beads to the top of the frosting. A tiny dab of glue could work in the stead of sewing, but if you have a needle and thread, it’s probably easier to sew!
  9. Thread a larger embroidery needle with a few inches of twine and sew through the top of the donut, then tie off the twine to make a loop! Your ornament is now finished!



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