MyLifeAsEva’s Minimalist Beachside Bedroom





In it’s short, but well-decorated life, OMG We’re Coming Over has been to a drag queen loft, a hotel-esque boudoir in the heart of DTLA, even to the moon! But with the amazing Eva (aka: MyLifeAsEva), we brought this series to the one place it hasn’t been yet — the beach!

A surfer girl, both literally and at heart, Eva wanted her beachside bedroom to have that breezy, bohemian aesthetic, but retain a clean minimalism that would allow her to swap out seasonal colors and decor. With white walls and not too much color, a majority of the design could focus on natural textures (like in this beautiful custom bed made with 100-year-old reclaimed wood!), and calming vibes.

Check out this super fun, super-sized episode above, and peek at the before and after pics and shopping carousel below!




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This is my favorite "OMG We're Coming Over" you guys have done. So inspiring!! Makes me want to take a minimalism paint brush to my room! Thanks!


Also I just got the same auto reply email that someone mentioned before, just FYI!


from the 3 way collage dorm room decor idea video were is the the actual bed from


I have a question do perhaps know the measurement for a twin from the reclaimed wood plate form bed..... thanks you guys are so inspiring


Hi Isabella! The best way to find the measurement for a twin bed is to compare the measurements of a twin vs a queen and subtract from the length of the siderails and the width of the headboard, the headrail and footrail. The height of the bed should remain the same!


Also is there a phone number to call for questions


this is fantastic! really super duper inspiring.hank you so muchhhhhhhhhh ! love you !!!!!!


Thank you so much, Erin!


I almost screamed when I saw this. IT LOOKS AMAZING OHMGGGGGGGG. I've been trying to ease into the minimalist life and this just came up at the most perfect time ever. Thank you so so much for being the most inspiring person ever ohmg. Love you babe.


Love you Aisha!!! So happy this design speaks to you! Best of luck with your adventures in minimalism!


Also I just sent you a snapchat (lol idk if this is someone on the Mr.Kate team or it's actually Kate), your site does this weird thing when people comment, I got this email in German that's like an auto reply; it's super weird. The email subject is: AutoReply [Re: [Mr. Kate] Comment: "MyLifeAsEva's Minimalist Beachside Bedroom"] but it's some weird stuff from


Hey Aisha - that's super weird. Can you forward me the actual email?