How To Decorate The Perfect Shelf



OMG, let me take a shelfie! Wait no, I meant a selfie …? A selfie with my shelfie?!

For those of you who are new to the term shelfie, it is used to describe a shelf set up that is just oh so perfect and chic that it deserves to be photographed and posted on social media. You’re proud of that baby, let the world see it!

In honor of Chriselle Lim’s new home, I came over to help her style our thrift store finds (watch us shopping for them here!) and some personal items into a minimalist masterpiece of a bookshelf. Along the way I dropped my 5 biggest shelfie design tips, so watch the video above and read more about the tips below!


Tip 1: Pick a cohesive color palette 

Chriselle was all about the black and white, so we designed a shelfie that honored her minimalist tastes. Picking a color palette is an important first step in designing your shelf because it helps you get rid of (or find new places for) things that don’t fit in, and also know what kinds of new items to shop for.


Tip 2: Functionality vs. aesthetic 

Here’s the thing about a shelf — it was made to hold things. You don’t need to sacrifice storage in the name of design when planning out your shelfie! Rather, it should be a happy compromise. Make sure the space functions for you, but looks good while doing so. As you can see in the picture above, Chriselle’s bookshelf have cabinets below, wherein we stored the items she still needed, but vibed less with our minimalist approach. Win-win!


Tip 3: Incorporate custom framing

In my shopping vlog, I took Chriselle on an expedition through a local thrift store to pick up some old art and other pieces to be used in her shelfie. But, pro tip! Instead of judging the art by its print, we purchased based on the frame. Then, back at Chriselle’s home, we removed the thrift store prints and added personal photos to these cool custom picture frames. So unique, and always budget-friendly!


Tip 4: Don’t be afraid of negative space

Yes, as established above, shelves are meant to hold things, but that doesn’t mean they have to hold *everything.* Be precious and selective with what you want displayed, and get creative with the structure of the shelving, too! To accommodate larger framed portraits, we removed a level in the shelves to create a big opening. This larger, simpler space added a nice balance to some of Chriselle’s more object-heavy cubbies.


Tip 5: Showcase your personality

That’s really what’s on display after all, isn’t it? Every part of your home should speak to who you are and reflect that in color and design. To make sure the “you” shines through in your shelfie, make sure to sprinkle in little objects or touches of whimsy that make you happy. Be it an alligator head, a mold of your baby’s footprint, or a cute doll you found from the thrift store and DIY-ed, always leave room for the pieces that may have no other purpose than to make you smile. They’re the most important ones!



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