DIY Minimalist Mermaid Art


A lot of little boys and girls dream of being merpeople and swimming in the deep blue sea … some of them grow up to become marine biologists or creative weirdos (or both!), and some grow up and still keep on believing that they are those fin-flapping mystical beings (at least aesthetically speaking.)

Since Jessie Paege is, like me, a self-professed mermaid, I knew her apartment makeover wouldn’t be complete without paying tribute to that side of her personality. She also mentioned having a “finsta” (a fake Instagram account), so I loved the play on words of giving her a “fin”sta — complete with rhinestones and plenty of pink space for her friends and visitors to sign!

Prep It:

Pastel pink paint
Pastel blue paint
Pastel green paint
Foam brush
Thin paintbrush
Hot glue gun and hot glue
Assorted rhinestones

Do It!:

  1. Paint your canvas a pastel pink. We used the same color pink that was on the opposite wall of Jessie’s home as this art, so it tied the room together perfectly. If you have pink (or any other pastel color) walls, consider using that wall paint as the base coat for your canvas!
  2. Using a foam brush, paint a thick blue stripe across the bottom of your canvas. This is your sea! Make the top a little wavy, since we all know those oceanic waves are always shimmering in motion.
  3. Now it’s time for the tail! I found it helpful to sketch out the shape of the tail before painting it (start with the leaf/ almond shaped fins, then add in the tail between them.) Paint the tail green, or whichever color your mermaid is rocking.
  4. Once the tail is dry, decorate it using rhinestones adhered with hot glue.
  5. You have art! A finsta! Hang your mermaid masterpiece on the wall, and encourage all your friends to sign and personalize the background when they come over!



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