DIY Gold Dinosaur in a Rhinestone Choker


Even though the Boss Girls/ Holy Trinity (AKA Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, and Hannah Hart) asked me to come decorate their shared office, it wasn’t completely boring and empty when I got there. These funny ladies had lots of cute, quirky items that I had a fun time with — I mean who doesn’t have dinosaurs, baby dolls and inflatable penises that they want to make work in their room?

So, meet Mamrie’s brontosaurus! Instead of putting this glorious creature into storage, I gave her a DIY makeover to make her not only a part of the final design, but questionably the biggest star in the room.

Prep It:

Spray paint primer
Gold spray paint
Rhinestone chain
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Do It!:

  1. If your dinosaur (or other fun object that is getting a glam makeover) isn’t white, prime it with spray paint! Make sure to cover all the nooks and crannies if you’re working with an intricately shaped item … like a dinosaur.
  2. Once your primer is dry, go gold! One coat should be enough, but don’t skimp if you want extra shine!
  3. For this beautiful brontosaurus’ choker, wrap a rhinestone chain down and around her neck, using hot glue to adhere along the way. Once her necklace is in place, she’s ready for her closeup!


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