DIY Modern Cat Tower Shelf


 Even though cats have the habit of making everything in your home *their* home, many pet parents still opt to purchase cat towers or other similar towering constructions of rug, cubbies, climbers, and scratch pads. Are these cat-topias functional? Without a doubt. Can you style one in a room and still maintain a elevated and pleasing aesthetic? I doubt it.

For this DIY, we deconstructed the traditional cat tower into something that is a lot more inconspicuous, yet still completes its task. Instead of cubbies — cube shelves! And instead of rug — twine covered wood connectors. Get the supplies and how-to below!

Prep It:

Cube shelf
2×4 wood
Thick twine rope
Hot glue gun and hot glue
Power drill/ screwdriver

Do It!:

  1. Assemble the cube shelves and mount them on the wall. This DIY works best if you use at least 2 shelves and then create a scratch pad between them, but if you want to use one shelf, you can place the scratch pad below it!
  2. To create the scratch pad, first cut your 2×4 wood to the proper length to fit between the shelves on the wall.
  3. Using the hot glue to adhere the rope to the wood, wrap your wood piece up! Feel free to double up the layers, just so it’s secure and can get lots of use from the kitties.
  4. Screw through the bottom of the higher shelf into the top of the wood piece, then through the top of the lower shelf into the bottom of the wood piece to secure it into place!


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