Mr. Kate Approved Throw Pillows for Any Design Style


Whether you have one, or you have 21, there’s no way you can go wrong with throw pillows (unless you have none!) These fun and inviting accessories are so varied in color, shape, fabric, and style, that I guarantee you there is something perfect for your home. Below are some of my current favorites in a variety of aesthetics! Shop away!

Vintage eclectic pillows are fantastic because of the fusion of styles that they represent. This pillow, for example, has a very vintage flair with the shape and pleating, yet the vibrant emerald green fabric gives it an eclectic twist!

This banana leaf print pillow is another great example of the vintage eclectic style! The pattern calls out to the mid-century, yet taken out of the context of a fully retro room, is a fun time capsule of an accessory!

Want more? Shop my vintage eclectic throw pillow picks!:

This long, lean, and lovely lumbar pillow, as seen in Liza Koshy’s guest bedroom, has all of the features bohemian pillows have become popular for. The mixture of embellishments, tassels, and neutral colors make it a touch of maximalism that works in any space.

Another signature of the bohemian style is a lush lounge-like aesthetic, which is executed perfectly with a plump floor pillow (or multiple!) This pink selection, as seen in Mia Stammer’s boho living room, is laid back yet makes a stylish statement.

Want more? Shop my bohemian throw pillow picks!:

As opposed to the previous throw pillow style, minimalist pillows are all about the structure and details. These pillows, while monochromatic, have an exciting geometric elegance due to their embroidered patterns. 

Meanwhile, this gray velvet pillow needs no added details to shine. As seen here, in my living room, it adds a modern, cozy feel when combined with a few other throw pillows of various styles. Talk about a team player!

Want more? Shop my minimalist throw pillow picks!:


Avocados just don’t quit! The longevity of these quirky aesthetic accessories is in direct contrast to the lifetime of a real avocado, which seems to be perfectly ripe one hour and then dark brown and doomed the next. This knit pillow will keep your room endlessly fresh, no refrigerator needed! 

Where quirky meets boho! You’d have to look far and wide to find a room where this little embellished llama wouldn’t add a fun and playful touch.

Want more? Shop my quirky throw pillow picks!:

Does anything say glam better than a gloriously shaggy faux fur pillow? Soft, inviting, and yes, a *little* bit extra, this throw pillow is all about the texture, making it a sumptuous addition to any room. 



As seen in Manny MUA’s glam living room, this pink pillow has a bead-encrusted femininity that lends a fanciness and decadence to whichever sofa corner, chair, or bed it adorns.

Want more? Shop my glam throw pillow picks!:

Beachy pillows, much like beachy rooms, can come in two distinct sub-styles. The first is a preppier take, with crisp whites and blues that lean in the nautical category. This pillow would be perfect for an outdoor space, like a patio, because what is beachier than being outdoors?

The second type of beachy pillow, like this one, channels more of a cabana and coconut-scented tropical vacation, with an organic woven texture that would stand out among other fabric pillows or on an upholstered sofa!

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