Bedroom Makeover for a Blind Person!? Ft. Molly Burke



As an interior designer, you have to consider all of the senses and how they will experience the room you create. Not only does it need to look good, but the bedding and rug should be soft, the electronics shouldn’t be loud or creaky, and it should always, always smell good. These considerations needed to be taken to the next level when designing Molly Burke’s new bedroom, as the predominate way she will be experiencing it is through touch! This design was a challenge, but such a creatively satisfying one!

Check out the video above and the shopping links and before and after pictures below! Shop this room!:

 Molly specifically asked for blackout curtains to help her sleep at any time of day, since a lot of blind people do not have regulated circadian rhythms to day and night like sighted people do! After experiencing a stuffed animal mural wall at VidCon 2018, Molly knew she wanted something like that in her own room, and we were so happy to deliver it, DIY-style


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