DIY Fiber Optic Curtain Installation


Typically, curtains are used in interior design to block light, but when designing this multi-sensory room for Molly Burke, I needed these to do the exact opposite! Molly explained in our video that 90% of blind people still have some vision, and for her, that was perception of light and shadows. Using that as inspiration, I wanted to give her a beautiful, whimsical fiber optic light installation that would glow gorgeously for her and her guests.

Check out the supplies and steps below!

Prep It!:

Wraparound curtain rod
Fiber optic curtains

Do It!:

  1. Hang your curtain rod on the wall using a drill or any other appliances indicated in the directions.
  2. We installed our fiber optic curtains over a dresser, which we used to hide the battery packs. With those lower down the wall and out of sight, drape the length of the curtains over and around the curtain rod, creating a whimsical, cloud-like effect.
  3. If you are not hanging your curtains over a piece of furniture, start with the battery packs on the top and use wire or string to tie them tightly to the curtain rod. When you drape your curtains around the curtain rod, make sure to cover the battery packs.
  4. Turn off the lights, turn on your curtains, and enjoy the show!


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