DIY Multi-Sensory Interactive Art


Art has a misconception as something that is predominately experienced through sight. While yes, some of the great masterpieces of the world are paintings and photographs, there are so many other areas in the spectrum of art that appeal to the rest of our senses.

Never was this more apparent than while creating some art pieces for Molly Burke’s room makeover, which needed to look great for guests who came to visit, but more importantly, feel great for Molly. Check out how we created this duo of multi-sensory artworks below! 

DIY Braille Text Art

Do It!:

Braille keyboard stickers
Textural wood frame

Do It!:

  1. Remove the glass from the frame and discard. This art is meant to be touched!
  2. Cut the paper down so it fits in the frame.
  3. On the paper, spell out a phrase or word with your braille label stickers. If you only got one alphabet like we did, get creative constructing a word which only uses each letter once!
  4. Frame your text art, and get ready for all the happy feels!

DIY Feather Photo Art

Prep It!:

Feathered wings (as a photo prop)
Camera (or phone capable of taking high quality images)
Hot glue gun

Do It!:

  1. Take a photo with your camera or phone of you, a loved one, or a pet wearing feathered wings!
  2. Get the photo printed in the correct size to fit in the frame you’ve purchased or will be using.
  3. Frame your photo (with the glass, this time.) Apply hot glue to the bottom of the feathers and attach them to the frame, covering the area of the wings in the photo.
  4. Let your glue dry, hang the art on the wall, and enjoy all the fluttery, feathery sensations!


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