DIY Stuffed Animal Headboard Wall


How does this headboard feel to the touch? Amazing and interesting and fun. How does this headboard make everyone who experiences it feel? Amazing and interested and fun!!

For this multi-sensory room makeover for Molly Burke, we wanted to recreate a stuffed animal wall mural that was originally at VidCon 2018. Adjusting it to her pastel color palette and the function of a headboard, we took on this project and found that it was fairly simple to create a large-scale installation piece in the space of a home! Check out the supplies and steps below!

 Prep It!:

Plywood board
Bulk pack of stuffed animals
Power screwdriver
Screws – half inch screws to attach animals to board and 3 inch wood screws to attach the boards to the wall
Smaller wood pieces for shelves (optional)

Do It!:

  1. At a large hardware store you can get your plywood pieces cut down to the size that you’ll need for your room. You can make this in one large piece, or in smaller pieces that are them assembled to cover the wall. We did 4′ x 4′ pieces so they were easier to mount on the wall but if you’re doing a smaller headboard just get it cut it to the exact size. They’ll do it for free or charge you like $5 per cut at the hardware store.
  2. Paint your board the same color as your walls or a shade very close to it, if you no longer have your wall paint.
  3. When the board is dry, start attaching your stuffed animals. Do this by pinching the fabric in the back of the stuffed animal and screwing through that into the wood board using a half inch screw. You can twist the stuffed animal back into place and obscure the screw!
  4. Continue this process until you’ve covered the entire board. If you want to attach shelves, mark where you want them to be in pencil before you start attaching the stuffed animals, and leave space between plushies.
  5. To attach a shelf, follow this tutorial!
  6. When you’re done assembling your boards, screw them directly onto the wall, making sure to screw into studs or use strong screw anchors so they have the support they need to hold!


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