The Top 10 Weirdest Things About Being Pregnant




I’m no expert, but after 8 months of being pregnant, I’ve learned a lot of things about my body and this experience, and what this experience does to my body, that are nothing short of weird!

This list is specific to my experience, but I’d love to hear about the weirdest parts of your pregnancy in the comments!

10. Belly Blocker

As my belly grew, I was not fully prepared for the physical obstruction it would become! In the matter of a few months, things that are so natural to you like walking up to the counter to brush your teeth are suddenly not possible.

Another thing my third trimester belly blocks me from doing is tying my shoes! Thankfully, Joey is more than happy to help with my laces.

9. Invasion of Privacy

I’m so happy that so many people share in the excitement of my pregnancy, but I’m less jazzed about the handsy way that they sometimes express it! Something about a baby bump reads as an open invitation to a lot of people to put their hands all over my belly. But just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean it’s any less invasive to touch someone’s stomach without their permission!

8. Linea Negra

While I knew about the linea negra (aka the dark line at the bottom of your belly) before pregnancy, it was still something bizarre to see your own body change colors suddenly!

7. Maternity Swimsuits

When Joey and I booked our babymoon to Hawaii, I knew I would have to tackle the tricky task of finding a bathing suit to fit my rapidly changing body. I ordered and tried multiple styles, but ultimately decided that a maternity bikini was the most comfortable for me! It’s funny how, while pregnant, I loved having my belly out for all to see, when it was normally an area of insecurity.

6. Everybody Poops … Hopefully

Ah, pregnancy hormones! This is their first entry on this list, but definitely not their last. During the first trimester, those pesky (but productive!) hormones have a constipating effect, and after that, the growing baby obstructs the intestines … which all spells trouble for trying to go number 2!

To help my body maintain its regular functions while it also works on baby-growing functions, I’ve taken to drinking prune juice on the daily. It’s far from my favorite drink but it does its job!

5. Glucose Test

Speaking of unpleasant things to drink … I knew nothing about the glucose test before pregnancy, but I sure do now! This very standard medical test checks for diabetes, but it also tests willpower. Before the test, you are given a neon orange, very icky drink to consume on an empty stomach. I got it done, but I would be happy to never have to do that again!

4. Sympathy Weight

The hormones strike again! But this time, it’s not my body that they’re playing their funny little tricks on, but Joey’s! As I gained weight during my pregnancy, Joey realized he gained about 25 lbs too. There are so many aspects of pregnancy that male partners cannot experience with the mothers, but this is a funny one to go through together!

3. Oreolas

My linea negra has color-changing company! It is a very well known aspect of pregnancy that the areolas darken, but nothing prepares you for looking at your body one day and its shapes and colors are totally different.

Different sizes, too! The areolas/ oreolas also grow significantly, so their almost like hostess cupcake-las!

2. Emotional Rollercoaster

The final entry for our good friends, the pregnancy hormones. All of those rumors about the up and down emotions of pregnancy are TRUE! I’ve cried over countless trivial things in the past 8 months, and sometimes I cry for no reason at all! It’s a very odd experience to be inside your own body that seems so unfamiliar to you not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well!

1. The Alien Inside!

But there’s another thing inside my body and it’s the weirdest thing of all! Baby Moon loves to make his presence known with lots of somersaults and kicks, and while I love interacting with my soon-to-be-born son, I also have not gotten used to the sensation yet. Moon’s most active time of day is right when I get into bed for the night, so he’s already practicing keeping me up at night!

These are my top 10 weirdest things about being pregnant, let me know yours!


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