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Mr. Kate

Hi Milenamcallister! Great question. I am personally VERY into the ivory shag rug trend, more specifically the Moroccan shag rugs that are now being sold all over. I’m pretty experienced with these types of rugs because I own 3 of them! I know, when I love something I go full on.

I always say that if you like something, you should get it! So my big answer to you is yes, get one. But I’ll go into more detail below to aid your decision making process.

The main thing you have to keep in mind with buying and rug is do you want synthetic or wool. Traditionally rugs are made from wool or silk (if they’re super fancy) but now a days there are a ton of synthetic options out there, including both synthetic and 100% wool options of the Moroccan shag style (I own both of these types as well).

The pros/cons of synthetic:
Doesn’t shed
Pets won’t be inclined to mark it since it doesn’t have any animal-esque scent.
Cheaper (usually)
Softer – if you think wool can be a little dense
Not as durable to washing
If it is colored/dyed in any way the dye lifts more easily
Doesn’t have as long of a life as wool

The pros/cons of 100% wool:
Easy to clean, you can use mild soaps etc. take to cleaner etc.
Has a more high-quality look because of the natural fiber
Nice and organic feeling underfoot
Wears well, long life
Sheds during the first month or so – you’ll need to vacuum more often
Pets may be proned to marking it

So with all that said, I have a giant synthetic shag rug in our living room which I got because I didn’t want the cats to pee on it. It’s been great and is just slightly more off white on the high trafficked areas after 6 months plus. The rug is like this one:
I also have two 100% wool ones we use at the office – Like in the David Bromstad video. Which is this one with the braided fringe: they are super cozy.

Hope that helps! Let us know which one you get!