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Mr. Kate

    These are really good tips Jenna!

    Hi Amber! Congrats on your new flat, it looks amazing. I love the windows and I agree with Jenna’s tip on floor to ceiling curtains. The windows are something you want to highlight. I also like the column, as an architectural detail but I wouldn’t do anything to it. I like architectural details to just stay simple and clean, if anything, you can place a nice potted palm or fig or hang a hanging plant near it to highlight the verticality.

    Another way to make sure your room feels like a hotel room is to have a dresser or desk with a mirror above and matching side tables and bedside lamps on either side of your bed. Then of course an area rug and great bedding and throw pillows.

    Hope that helps! Can’t wait to see what you do! Post pics here when you’re done!


    – mr. kate