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Thaline Briers

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Thaline, and I’m a 20 year old Little Mister.

    I read Kate’s e-mail about this forum so I thought I give it a look. And wow, I am amazed how everyone is so enthusiast and friendly. I also love how Kate is involved in these conversations. Normally the people I look up to, like celebrities, are so out of reach (if anybody knows what I mean…). So thank you Kate for being awesome!

    For what I’ve already read, I am pretty much like minded.
    I loooove to travel. I’ve been in a lot of European countries but my dream is to travel to the US. Until now I didn’t have to opportunity because of school and money but one day I’ll make it across the big ocean! ;p
    I’m also a crazy cat-lady and I adore cats. I have 2 british shorthair cats who are the world to me and I treat them like they’re my babies.
    Apart from that I also love movies, but I’m more a horror fan. I love watching them at home because in the cinema is too scary. :p

    Can’t wait to participate in conversations with you guys and hear stories from all around the world.