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    Hey  fellow Little Misters!

    Seriously loving this forum, what a great way for us all to share ideas and stories! Love seeing all the places everyone has been, many of them on my travel wish list. Little bit about me, I’m currently in my senior year @ University of West Florida & studying PR w/a minor in sports marketing. Hoping to one day get out and see a bit more of the world than I’ve had the chance to so far. Also a little bit of a crazy cat lady, a thing I could never say about myself til moving to Florida. I pretty much spoil my roomie’s cat Lily like she was my own (and take pride in the fact that when she feels like actually showing affection, she comes to me lol) Absolutely adore Disney movies, may or may not have dyed my hair Ariel red because Little Mermaid is my absolute fave. If I’m not in class or at work, I’m most likely to be found at the beach or at a hockey game if there’s one going on.