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Stephanie Call

    I just recently made these two shirts for my dog Lucky! He lives at my parents so I can’t model them on him yet but they were soooo easy! I went to Walmart and picked out a couple tanks from the little boys section that I liked. Then you just measure your doggy around the chest, pinch the shirt in the appropriate amount and just do a straight stitch down. Just make sure to cut a little out at the bottom for his pee pee. (I’m waiting to try it on him before I do that part) I don’t have a machine right now so I just did them by hand. Also make sure to use what would be the front for a person as the back for the dog. For some reason it fits better with the arm holes. Also graphics like that cool skull usually go in front but you want it visible on your dog so it’s better as the back. Best part was the shirts were like $3 each! And these are so much cuter than anything I could go out and buy and specifically tailored to my taste!